I can make shoes! We can’t wait…

ICAN make shoes

Yesterday we spent the most amazing day with Amanda Luisa from I CAN make shoes. Amanda Luisa is a freelance shoe designer who has been making shoes for high profile clients in both Australia and the UK and now wants to demystify the process and teach everyone how to make shoes.

She is holding 3 day workshops in her studio in East London and teaching you how to make your own shoes – and the best part is you get to design them, pick the materials that you want to make them with and you leave the workshop with a new pair of shoes that are custom made by you. We love the grey heels that have been made out of arms cut out of a woollen jumper – very cool!

The workshops have been in high demand since they launched so if you would love to make a pair of your own custom made shoes (with the help of an amazing shoe designer) contact Amanda Luisa now at info@icanmakeshoes.com for workshop dates & prices.

For more information you can follow ICANmakeshoes on

 Join a workshop today and make your own pair of shoes at



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Is there ‘more to life than shoes’? Yes – there is…

We love when we meet people who love shoes as much as we do (and are also running a business that is all about inspiring women to achieve their dreams) and yesterday we met Nadia & Susie from More To Life Than Shoes.

They believe that there is ‘more to life than shoes’ and their mission is to create a new type of network of groups of women across the UK who meet up once a month to discuss their goals & aspirations for life and then talk with the group to get the support they need to achieve them.

It’s not about high power networking in power suits – it’s for all those people with a dream who are a bit unsure as to how to achieve it! For the current groups their discussions range from how to finally take the step to step up your own business to organising to sky dive which had been a wish for one member for 10 years.

To learn if there is More To Life Than Shoes and join a group near you today you can follow Nadia & Susie on

– Twitter at www.twitter.com/morethanshoes or

– Join them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/?sk=messages#!/pages/More-To-Life-Than-Shoes/153459114213



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Love your designer shoes? Win a free pair of Red Soles from Save Your Sole today

After what seems like a year of window shopping – last week we were lucky enough to get our hands’ on a new pair of Nude Peep Toe Claude Louboutin heels. The last pair in our size at Selfridges and just in time for the start of the UK summer.


But before we wear them out onto the streets of London we will be making a quick visit to our friendly cobbler to have our red rubber soles fitted to the shoes – we want to make sure that we save our sole before we ruin them!

So to celebrate at Save Your Sole we are giving away a pair of Red 1.8mm Vibram® rubber designer soles to one lucky person this week so that you can save your sole as well! Not to mention protecting the colour of your shoe sole, giving your shoe something to grip onto the ground with and prolonging the life of your investment.

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The lucky winner will be drawn on Friday afternoon – good luck everyone!


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Recovering Shoes? Sounds like they are going to shoe rehab..

On our shoe shopping journey’s we have come across a number of shoe repairers (who seems to also be comedians waiting to get their big break!) who have come up with some great store names. We think this one is Australia is quite clever. We have seen so many shoes that need recovering I think that this is a great place to send them.

This pair went to shoe rehab with Save Your Sole – think you could say that they have definitely been ‘recovered’ with our Vibram soles!

Make sure that you always look after your designer shoes and resole them when they start to wear away. There is nothing worse than a stunning pair of shoes with a dirty old sole.


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Melbourne Shoe Store shows devotion to soles..

We have to admit that we love it when we see a company that has used the word ‘sole’ as a play on words and in a clever way and the Australian fashion set is onto it in a big way.

Whilst out looking for a new pair of Louboutins’ in Melbourne last week we came across this great shoe store (sorry girls but they stock a great shoe range for men and that is actually what caught my eye) called Sole Devotion.

They import most of shoes from Europe (where all amazing shoes are made!) and the company philosophy is

‘ We want to excite people about footwear. Sole Devotion seeks to offer you something special – beautifully designed objects that we hope will inspire you to look at shoes in a new and exciting light’.

We love shoes so any reason to look and buy is always a good excuse!

You can visit Sole Devotion at four locations in Australia (this one is located at 328-326 Lt Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia) and you can visit their website at www.soledevotion.com.au

It helps that across the road you can pick up some delicious brown rice sushi to keep you going on your shopping crusade!


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We love presents – especially when they are all about shoes!

We just wanted to say thank you to one of our very loyal supporters(you know who you are!) who bought us this very appropriate gift whilst we were in Sydney. We love getting presents – especially when they are covered in pictures of shoes. We will be sure to put it all to good use – we promise!


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Why Casey loves her Christian Louboutin Camel Rolando’s!

When I got asked what my husband got me for my birthday I said shoes. Everyone’s response was really. I said yes, really really nice shoes. He knew the moment I fell in love with the pair, when I held them in Barneys in Las Vegas. These babies are my favorite shoes, they are also my first pair of designer shoes as I now own a second pair. 

They are Louboutin Camel Rolando’s. I LOVE THEM!!  I baby these puppies. The soles have been  protected and every night they go into there pouch and back into the box. The color goes with everything I own, dressy or rugged.  The leather has molded to my feet and the 5″ heel makes me tower over everyone and feel like the office queen, I’m 5’9″ flat footed. I feel sexy, confident, and powerful.

Being an engineer in a male dominated field wearing these shoes makes the men stare and drool and for that I thank you Mr. Louboutin. You make my mornings when I put these babies on and my nights when I wear them with my skinny jeans and go to the pub or club, so much better.

They help me fit my modo that is a saying I found. “I don’t mind living in a Man’s World as long as I can be a Woman in it.” And my Louboutin’s make it so true.


To follow Casey & her love of shoes you can read all about her on Twitter at http://twitter.com/MrsDaggett1

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