Introducing the Sole of New York Fashion Week. Meet our new Sole Sticker. Made to protect all soles this season.

At Save Your Sole we get it. Fashion isn’t always glamorous. It’s actually really hard work to make sure that every single detail is taken care of before the first girl walks out at the start of a show. Including the bits that most of us don’t see, like the soles of shoes that you painstakingly use masking tape to prevent runway slips and wear and tear to the shoes. 

Our new Sole Sticker is a transparent, stick-on sole that will make your life a lot easier. The sticker is tough and easy to use. Cut to shape. Stick on, peel off. Easy. 



We promise they’ll save you time, money and maybe the occasional tantrum! And hours of cutting masking tape to fit every shoe sole for every show or shoot. 




No matter how elaborate your show or shoot concept, come hell or high water, these soles will stay on. 






Transparent, stick-on soles from Save Your Sole. The Sole of New York Fashion Week. 

Available now online at