Melbourne Shoe Store shows devotion to soles..

We have to admit that we love it when we see a company that has used the word ‘sole’ as a play on words and in a clever way and the Australian fashion set is onto it in a big way.

Whilst out looking for a new pair of Louboutins’ in Melbourne last week we came across this great shoe store (sorry girls but they stock a great shoe range for men and that is actually what caught my eye) called Sole Devotion.

They import most of shoes from Europe (where all amazing shoes are made!) and the company philosophy is

‘ We want to excite people about footwear. Sole Devotion seeks to offer you something special – beautifully designed objects that we hope will inspire you to look at shoes in a new and exciting light’.

We love shoes so any reason to look and buy is always a good excuse!

You can visit Sole Devotion at four locations in Australia (this one is located at 328-326 Lt Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia) and you can visit their website at

It helps that across the road you can pick up some delicious brown rice sushi to keep you going on your shopping crusade!


To buy designer rubber soles to protect your designer shoes visit today


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