Is there ‘more to life than shoes’? Yes – there is…

We love when we meet people who love shoes as much as we do (and are also running a business that is all about inspiring women to achieve their dreams) and yesterday we met Nadia & Susie from More To Life Than Shoes.

They believe that there is ‘more to life than shoes’ and their mission is to create a new type of network of groups of women across the UK who meet up once a month to discuss their goals & aspirations for life and then talk with the group to get the support they need to achieve them.

It’s not about high power networking in power suits – it’s for all those people with a dream who are a bit unsure as to how to achieve it! For the current groups their discussions range from how to finally take the step to step up your own business to organising to sky dive which had been a wish for one member for 10 years.

To learn if there is More To Life Than Shoes and join a group near you today you can follow Nadia & Susie on

– Twitter at or

– Join them on Facebook at!/pages/More-To-Life-Than-Shoes/153459114213


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