I can make shoes! We can’t wait…

ICAN make shoes

Yesterday we spent the most amazing day with Amanda Luisa from I CAN make shoes. Amanda Luisa is a freelance shoe designer who has been making shoes for high profile clients in both Australia and the UK and now wants to demystify the process and teach everyone how to make shoes.

She is holding 3 day workshops in her studio in East London and teaching you how to make your own shoes – and the best part is you get to design them, pick the materials that you want to make them with and you leave the workshop with a new pair of shoes that are custom made by you. We love the grey heels that have been made out of arms cut out of a woollen jumper – very cool!

The workshops have been in high demand since they launched so if you would love to make a pair of your own custom made shoes (with the help of an amazing shoe designer) contact Amanda Luisa now at info@icanmakeshoes.com for workshop dates & prices.

For more information you can follow ICANmakeshoes on

 Join a workshop today and make your own pair of shoes at



 Once you have made your own pair of shoes you can resole them with one of six colours (red,blue,black,cream,white,grey & brown) from the range of designer soles for designer shoes at Save Your Sole




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