STYLISA talks about her love affair with Jimmy Choo

When people ask me how many children I have, my response is simply this:

“I have two children, aged 4 years, names Jimmy and Choo”

Most people think I am joking when I say this, but I am afraid that I am being deadly serious.  My Jimmy Choo’s are my babies, and I love them very very much.  A few weeks ago, as I was packing for a business trip to London, the box fell out from under my bed.  I took this as a sign that they knew I was going to be away for a few days, so I opened the box and explained that mummy would not be gone for long.  Yes I know that a lot of men will be reading this and thinking that I am completely insane, but I, like most women, have a relationship with shoes, that men will never understand.  They are within easy reach, so if an emergency arises and I have to vacate my premises immediately, I can grab them on my way out.

Also, these particular shoes hold special significance for me, because I bought them after winning one of my first TV contracts.  When I received confirmation from the show’s producer that I was going to appear on the show as one of their team of stylists, I decided to treat myself to these as a ‘well done’ gift.  Obviously I have had them soled, so they are protected, and they never come out of the box, unless it is a very special occasion.  Although they are four years old (we will be celebrating our fifth anniversary in October), they still look fabulous.  Furthermore, because I am not very tall, they give me height and for the few hours that I wear them on a night out, I feel like a human sky scraper.  I walk more confidently and feel a good deal sexier in them.  They go with practically everything in my wardrobe, and most importantly, they never fail to make me smile.

As Marilyn Monroe once said:

‘I don’t know who invented in the high heel but all women owe him a lot’

I couldn’t agree more.  If high heels had never been invented, then I wouldn’t have my babies.

I not only love shoes…I love Choos.


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Do you love your shoes?

Our Favourite Shoes

We have had so many people telling us about their favourite pair of shoes that we decided to let them tell you as well!

Over the next few months we will be featuring guest writers’ on our site who will tell us about their love of shoes. Some of the stories have been great so far & all of our contributors love shoes so much that most of them have turned their love of shoes into their day job!

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Shoe Surgery? Bringing Louboutins back to life

Last week I went out with a friend for lunch and our conversation turned to (suprisingly) shoes. She was talking about her Mary Jane Louboutins and that she needed to put Vibram soles on them to protect her soles as the red was starting to come off.

When she finally showed me the shoes I actually burst out laughing. The shoes looked like they were dead.You can see for yourself.

Before the surgery

Not only did she need Vibram red soles from us but the shoes looked like they should be put straight into the bin. Immediately I took the shoes off her and vowed to bring them back to life.

With the help of our friendly Notting Hill cobbler Jamie, the shoes were painted, resoled, reheeled and brought back to life. It is amazing how much a little bit of care can transform a sole and can make your shoes look brand new again!

After the surgery

I am yet to give the shoes back to the owner but I am sure that she will be very happy with the result.

To save these Louboutins we

– Resoled the front part of the shoe with our red Vibram 1.0mm soles

– Repaired the original sole with paint matched to the original colour of the Louboutin soles

– Put a new heel on to protect the heel of the shoe

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I love my Shoe Hotel

 ‘I love my Shoe Hotel. And for so many reasons. I used to struggle to find my shoes, keep them on the shoe rack, keep the shoe rack standing up and there was never enough room for all of my shoes. They were on the rack, under the bed, in the bottom of the cupboard. 

I designed my Shoe Hotel with Save Your Sole to fit behind my door and they custom built my Hotel for me after looking at all of my shoes & designing it for my shoes. I love that now I can see all of my shoes in one place. And if I move I can take it with me!’ Another happy Shoe Hotel owner in Notting Hill.

A Space for a Shoe Hotel?

At the site for this new hotel we consulted the owner and looked at their ‘shoe collection’. We designed the hotel with racks for heels, one shelf for flats, then built cupboard doors to store trainers & boots in. That way the beautiful shoes were always on display and the trainers were hidden behind closed doors (where the belong!).

We built the Shoe Hotel offsite as it was being fitted to an open space and it took 3 hours to install, fit & put the shoes into their new home.

The owner told us that the Shoe Hotel transformed her life by putting all of her shoes in one place where they were easy to access and see, and now that she could see them, she now wears them!




No room for all of the shoes


  The new Shoe Hotel in Notting Hill!


Room for all of the shoes & more

Save Your Sole specialises in caring for shoes & giving them a place to be seen. They are after all an investment! We believe that all shoes should live in a hotel & be cared for just like their owners.

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