New Collector Barbie ‘Dolly Forever’ by Christian Louboutin

It was an exciting day in January when we got our first collector ‘Cat Burgular’ Barbie from It was the first Barbie in a series of 3 celebrating her 50th birthday with shoes designed by Christian Louboutin – and yes – the soles of the shoes are red! And the shoes even have their own shoe boxes and bags.

On February 25 the second collector ‘Dolly Forever’ Barbie will be released. We haven’t seen all of the shoes this Barbie will have but you can see a sneak preview of her new pink boots in Vogue at before she goes on sale again in March at

The last Barbie will be released later in the year – wonder what she will be wearing on her feet? Wonder if she will be able to Save Her Sole and buy new red soles at to stop the bottom of her Louboutins wearing off? Hmmmm….


Thank you shoe lovers!

We wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone for their amazing support & kind words over the past week with the launch of our new site.

We have had so many visitors that we just wanted to say a quick hello in between sending out soles to all.

We are loving our new home at and so are lots of other people who are buying up different coloured shoe soles to resole their designer shoes. Am sure that all of your shoes are loving you back as they look new again and are easier to walk in!

Lots of people have asked where the idea came from so stay tuned for our next blog where all will be revealed!

Happy Shoe Shopping!


Have a look at our new home!

Save your Sole website

Save your Sole website

It’s a new week with a new website for Save Your Sole! On our new site you will find the collection of our designer shoe soles to purchase to save your soles, you can build your own custom made ‘Shoe Hotel’ to house your designer shoes and give them a special place to rest whilst they are not out on the town, our Trusted Cobbler section which will highight cobblers that we trust with our shoes and soles & some pretty pictures of designer shoes!

Thank you to all of our shoe lovers who have purchased from us so far – we hope you love our new site as much as we do!