I CAN make shoes – yes we can!

Last week we were invited to attend a Summer Sandal workshop to learn how to make a pair of shoes. The obvious benefit here was that we got to design our own shoes and then leave the workshop with them on our feet!

The workshop is run by Amanda at I CAN make shoes who is a freelance shoe designer & shoe maker and wanted to demystify the process of shoe making and show everyone that they can make their own shoes.

The first step was to design what we wanted to make – what leather we wanted to use and trace our feet.



The second step was to build the sole of the shoe so that we could actually walk on them.

The third step was to make a pattern for the shoe using our feet!

And then came the fun part – putting it all together!


My favourite part was decorating the shoes & I loved these gold skulls!


And finally we have a pair of summer sandals!

As we skipped out of the studio in East London we were so happy – not only had we made a pair of shoes but we now had a new pair to show off to our friends. Thanks Amanda!

To make a pair of summer sandals at a workshop, or to join a 3 day workshop to make any shoe you like with Amanda at I CAN make shoes, you can visit her website at www.icanmakeshoes.com   to see available dates left to join in.


Don’t forget that you can change the colour of your sole and save it with Save Your Sole.

You can buy our designer repair shoe soles in red, cream, black, blue,brown, grey and white today at www.saveyoursole.co.uk


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