I love my Shoe Hotel

 ‘I love my Shoe Hotel. And for so many reasons. I used to struggle to find my shoes, keep them on the shoe rack, keep the shoe rack standing up and there was never enough room for all of my shoes. They were on the rack, under the bed, in the bottom of the cupboard. 

I designed my Shoe Hotel with Save Your Sole to fit behind my door and they custom built my Hotel for me after looking at all of my shoes & designing it for my shoes. I love that now I can see all of my shoes in one place. And if I move I can take it with me!’ Another happy Shoe Hotel owner in Notting Hill.

A Space for a Shoe Hotel?

At the site for this new hotel we consulted the owner and looked at their ‘shoe collection’. We designed the hotel with racks for heels, one shelf for flats, then built cupboard doors to store trainers & boots in. That way the beautiful shoes were always on display and the trainers were hidden behind closed doors (where the belong!).

We built the Shoe Hotel offsite as it was being fitted to an open space and it took 3 hours to install, fit & put the shoes into their new home.

The owner told us that the Shoe Hotel transformed her life by putting all of her shoes in one place where they were easy to access and see, and now that she could see them, she now wears them!




No room for all of the shoes


  The new Shoe Hotel in Notting Hill!


Room for all of the shoes & more

Save Your Sole specialises in caring for shoes & giving them a place to be seen. They are after all an investment! We believe that all shoes should live in a hotel & be cared for just like their owners.

To book a consultation with us to see how we can help you own your own Shoe Hotel you can email us directly at helpme@saveyoursole.co.uk

For further information on our custom made designs & for pricing please click here www.saveyoursole.co.uk/theshoehotel/



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