The Shoe Hotel changed my life

“It sounds incredibly over dramatic but I think the Shoe Hotel may have changed my life! Not only can I see all my shoes, but I have successfully de-cluttered my cupboard and feel like I am once again in control of my wardrobe! The best part was, it was quick and easy and they fit the shoe hotel into a cupboard I already had. Now I know what shoes I have, I have a better idea of what shoes I now need!!”  Very happy owner of a Shoe Hotel at Brook Green

What is a Shoe Hotel?

A Shoe Hotel is a custom made shoe storage system that gives your shoes a place to rest after a hard day at work. The Shoe Hotel is built by Save Your Sole who specialise in caring for designer shoes.

How the Shoe Hotel Changed My Life

The new owner told us that the Shoe Hotel changed her life by

  • Providing a shoe storage unit designed specifically for my space and my shoes
  • The ability to organise shoes so that I can see all that I own
  • Giving my shoes their own space  and they are kept dust free
  • Allowing me to see what I have I will wear my shoes more often
  • Throwing out 27 pairs of shoes that I no longer needed
  • De-cluttering my  shoe collection

How the Shoe Hotel was built

All of our Shoe Hotels are bespoke and designed in collaboration with the owner. As the owner already had a space in mind for her shoes we used an existing storage space to convert into the Hotel. She also requested that she kept storage for some boxes so we also built that into the design.

We also looked at her ‘shoe collection’ to advise on what was the best way to construct the Hotel based on her shoe storage needs.

As we were building into an existing space we built & decorated this Hotel on site over 2 days (most of the time is sadly spent waiting for the paint to dry).

We also made all of the flat shelves so that they can be moved if the shoe collection changes – the silver rods that the shoes rest on are permanent fixtures in the Hotel.

So after a consultation with the team at Save Your Sole the Shoe Hotel was built and installed on site.

The pictures speak for themselves….






Save Your Sole specialises in caring for shoes. We believe that your investment in your shoes should be protected like any investment. We also think that if you buy shoes you should be able to see them and wear them.

To book a consultation with Save Your Sole to see how we can help you have your own Shoe Hotel built and installed please email us at

For further information on designs and pricing please go to


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