Shoe Surgery? Bringing Louboutins back to life

Last week I went out with a friend for lunch and our conversation turned to (suprisingly) shoes. She was talking about her Mary Jane Louboutins and that she needed to put Vibram soles on them to protect her soles as the red was starting to come off.

When she finally showed me the shoes I actually burst out laughing. The shoes looked like they were dead.You can see for yourself.

Before the surgery

Not only did she need Vibram red soles from us but the shoes looked like they should be put straight into the bin. Immediately I took the shoes off her and vowed to bring them back to life.

With the help of our friendly Notting Hill cobbler Jamie, the shoes were painted, resoled, reheeled and brought back to life. It is amazing how much a little bit of care can transform a sole and can make your shoes look brand new again!

After the surgery

I am yet to give the shoes back to the owner but I am sure that she will be very happy with the result.

To save these Louboutins we

– Resoled the front part of the shoe with our red Vibram 1.0mm soles

– Repaired the original sole with paint matched to the original colour of the Louboutin soles

– Put a new heel on to protect the heel of the shoe

You can buy red soles to protect your shoes from Save Your Sole at 

for £9.95 and they will be delivered the next day.

If you need any advice or help on restoring your designer shoes you can email us at


One thought on “Shoe Surgery? Bringing Louboutins back to life

  1. emily says:

    SHOE SURGERY Vibram soles on them to protect the soles as.thats a good idea thanks a lot for giving this kind of information.carry on this kind of good work..


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