Louboutin Lover? Look no further for a worldwide solution to care for your red soles

Ruined your red soles on the first wear? So did we.

When we first started looking for a way to repair our designer shoes (especially the red soled ones), everyone we spoke to around the world told us that they had the same problem in caring for their shoes. We have heard countless times…

– The sole the shoe repairer put on was so thick it ruined my shoe

– I don’t want to leave my shoes with someone that I don’t trust

– My favourite pair of heels were ruined by the shoe repairer I took my shoes to

– The sole came off as soon as I wore my shoes for the first time

and we hear this plus much more, over and over again – which is why we love being able to provide our products to shoe lovers around the world.

Where our customers live who love their red soles..

The continued success of Save Your Sole is due to providing a high quality, premium repair product to solve this problem and to our valued customers who continue to spread the word.

Our customers live around the world and we ship our products worldwide – just this week our products have been sent to the USA, Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and Kuwait to name a few. So no matter where you live – our products will come straight to your door.

To buy now to care for your designer shoes buy online at www.saveyoursole.co.uk


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