Why Casey loves her Christian Louboutin Camel Rolando’s!

When I got asked what my husband got me for my birthday I said shoes. Everyone’s response was really. I said yes, really really nice shoes. He knew the moment I fell in love with the pair, when I held them in Barneys in Las Vegas. These babies are my favorite shoes, they are also my first pair of designer shoes as I now own a second pair. 

They are Louboutin Camel Rolando’s. I LOVE THEM!!  I baby these puppies. The soles have been  protected and every night they go into there pouch and back into the box. The color goes with everything I own, dressy or rugged.  The leather has molded to my feet and the 5″ heel makes me tower over everyone and feel like the office queen, I’m 5’9″ flat footed. I feel sexy, confident, and powerful.

Being an engineer in a male dominated field wearing these shoes makes the men stare and drool and for that I thank you Mr. Louboutin. You make my mornings when I put these babies on and my nights when I wear them with my skinny jeans and go to the pub or club, so much better.

They help me fit my modo that is a saying I found. “I don’t mind living in a Man’s World as long as I can be a Woman in it.” And my Louboutin’s make it so true.


To follow Casey & her love of shoes you can read all about her on Twitter at http://twitter.com/MrsDaggett1

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