It’s 2017 and time to buy your own Soul Cycle shoes. We tell you how…

Well hello 2017. It’s a new year with new resolutions. And if you are a big fan of Soul Cycle (like we are) and love shoes (like we do) it is time to stop renting your cycle shoes and buy your own.

To clip into the bike in the studio you will need a pair of Shimano cycle shoes and a pair of bike clips (to keep your shoes in the pedals) which you can buy on Amazon today.

To be ready to ‘tap it back’ in your own shoes you will need

  1. A pair of Shimano cycle shoes AND
  2. A pair of LOOK bike clips AND
  3. A Soul Cycle Account to start booking in your rides

All you need to do is screw the clips into the bottom of the shoes and you are ready to ride like a rockstar. And don’t forget – it’s always more fun with a friend!


(Photos courtesy of Anna Kooiman and Soul Cycle)



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Want to buy shoes for Soul Cycle? Here is everything you need to know & how to buy them!

With our obsession with Soul Cycle growing week by week it seems that in the past 12 months we have spent more time in our Shimano Cycling shoes than our beautiful collection of amazing heels.

As a result of our time on the bike we have had so many people asking where did we get the shoes, how do you attach the clips to the shoes, are they the right ones for the Soul Cycle bikes? So here is our easy guide to buying shoes that are perfect for the Soul Cycle bike – and your feet!
Shimano Bike Shoes for Soul Cycle with LOOK Delta ClipsWhat do you need to buy?

To clip into the pedals on the bike you will need 1. a pair of shoes and 2. a pair of LOOK Delta clips. These are clips that are compatible with the pedals on the Soul Cycle bike.

The shoes for women are Shimano Women’s Road Cycling shoes and you can buy the shoes your size in black or white and you can buy the shoes here on Amazon.

The shoes for men are Shimano Men’s All Round Cycling shoes and are available in black and you can buy the shoes here on Amazon.

The LOOK Delta Clips are the same for women and men. You can buy the clips in black directly from Amazon.

Once you have your shoes and clips you just need to attach the clips to the shoes and you will be ready to ride.

Step 1: Arrange the washer and screws of the LOOK Delta clip on top of the fitting on the sole of the shoe

Shimano Women's Road Cycling Shoes with LOOK Delta bike clipsStep 2: Use a flathead screwdriver and place the LOOK Delta clip over the soles and insert with the screws provided to attach. Repeat on the other shoe.LOOK Delta Clips for Soul Cycle Shoes Step 3: You are ready to clip into the bike and tap it back!Shimano Women's Road Cycling Shoes with LOOK Delta Bike Cleats for Soul Cycle

The Shimano Women’s and Shimano Men’s Road Cycling Shoes with LOOK Delta Clips can be used at Soul Cycle studios across the USA from coast to coast.

You can book a class at any of the studios listed below and more:

Soul Cycle Studios in New York at Soul Cycle Union Square, Soul Cycle West Village, Soul Cycle 19th St, Soul Cycle East 63rd St, Soul Cycle East 83rd St, Soul Cycle Financial District, Soul Cycle Noho, Soul Cycle Soho, Soul Cycle Tribeca, Soul Cycle West 27th St, Soul Cycle West 77th St Soul Cycle Williamsburg.

Soul Cycle Studios in Southern California at Soul Cycle Beverley Hills, Soul Cycle Brentwood, Soul Cycle Malibu, Soul Cycle Newport Beach, Soul Cycle Pasadena, Soul Cycle Santa Monica & Soul Cycle West Hollywood.

Soul Cycle Studios in Northern California at Soul Cycle Marin, Soul Cycle Palo Alto, Soul Cycle Soma Soul Cycle Union St.

Soul Cycle Studios in the Hamptons at Soul Cycle Bridgehampton, Soul Cycle East Hampton & Soul Cycle Water Mill.

Soul Cycle Studios in Connecticut at Soul Cycle Greenwich.

Soul Cycle Studios in Westchester at Soul Cycle Bronxville, Soul Cycle Rye Brook & Soul Cycle Scarsdale.

Soul Cycle Studios in Maryland at Soul Cycle Bethesda.

Soul Cycle Studios in Florida at Coral Gables.

Soul Cycle Studios in Washington at Soul Cycle DC.

Soul Cycle Studios in New Jersey at Soul Cycle Short Hills.

Soul Cycle Studios in Long Island at Soul Cycle Roslyn & Soul Cycle Woodbury.

Soul Cycle Studios in Massachusetts at Soul Cycle Chestnut Hill.

If you haven’t been to a class yet you can book today at Soul Cycle. We hope you love it as much as we do – enjoy!!


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