With a little help from our friends. Meet Grace.

When we opened our office in New York City in 2014 following New York Fashion Week in September, we knew that the team at Save Your Sole was going to be busy in the city that never sleeps.


Over those two years, we have been involved in every New York Fashion Week working with designers, stylists and dressers from Oscar de la Renta to Calvin Klein to Project Runway and Opening Ceremony. In our first NYFW, we worked with over 30 designers with our Sole Stickers to protect the shoes in the shows and keep the models on their feet.


Karlie Kloss at Oscar De La Renta NYFW 2014

Our products are now available at Nordstrom, Manhattan Wardrobe Supplies and Amazon in the US from our fulfillment centre in New York. And our team has grown to keep up with the worldwide demand of our products (did you know we ship to over 40 countries?).


So, please meet Grace. She will be taking over our blog and keeping you up to date on all things Save Your Sole. And also talking about a few of our favourite things each week.

Of course shoes will be a feature. Shops. Restaurants. Bars. Holiday locations. And all things New York.

Follow her journey as she walks her way through New York City.

In amazing shoes of course. Always protected by Save Your Sole.



Paint the Town Red. Now.

Save Your Sole Red Sole Care Set

Save Your Sole Red Sole Care & Repair Set

So, you hadn’t heard about Save Your Sole’s Sole Stickers before you scraped the soles of your shoes into unrecognizable condition.

Before you send your shoes to the emergency room or worse, send them off to greener pastures, RIP, pick up a pot of Save Your Sole’s Shoe Sole Paint. Fast drying and easy to apply, repair scratches in mere moments using the Shoe Sole Paintbrush.


Need some grip? We have it. In red. From Italy. To protect your china red shoe soles.


We all know the feeling. A new pair of shoes with shiny soles means a new pair of shoes with slippery soles. Especially if they have a red enamel painted sole. Like Christian Louboutin heels.

The last thing you want to do is attack the soles with scissors, sandpaper or even cement on the street to scuff the sole so that you can make your own grip. So you can walk in the shoes.

At Save Your Sole we sell grip enhanced, designer colour, ‘so thin you can barely see them’ red rubber soles made in Italy by Vibram. So good that you will have enough grip for the lifetime of the shoe. Sold in two sizes – half sole and full sole for women and men (you can cut to the exact shape of your shoe sole). The red soles can be fitted by a professional shoe repairer in store or applied with a leather glue like ShooGoo at home.


And even after a few wears the sole will still be red. Even after walking, dancing, running and stepping over cobblestones. Still red.

Designer Rubber Sole on CL - James Keates

Buy your Red Vibram Designer Repair Soles (or one of our 14 other Vibram colours) now at


Also available at Ballettonet & Manhattan Wardrobe Supplies

Repaint & Repair Your Red Soled Shoes.Now.

If you own a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes you will remember the first time you wore those red shiny soled heels out. You will also remember the moment when you saw the bottom of the shoes and realised that the red sole was scratched, scuffed and had started to peel off. Not happy.

So how do you fix this? Easy. With the  Red Sole Care & Repair Set from Save Your Sole. It includes our exclusive Red Shoe Sole Paint with a premium paintbrush for easy application to allow you to repaint, repair and restore your red soled shoes.

Save Your Sole Red Sole Care SetThe paint is easy to apply (it is just like giving your shoes a pedicure) and takes ten to twenty minutes for a touch dry, shiny red enamel finish. Just clean your soles with a damp cloth, wait to dry and then start painting.



It really is this easy – just have a quick look at Instagram to see how other red soled shoe lovers are restoring their soles to new again with the help of Save Your Sole and our red sole paint.



Buy your Red Sole Care & Repair Set now at


Also available at Nordstom.com & Ballettonet