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From the team at Save Your Sole 

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We show you how to repair your red soled shoes with our new Red Shiny Soles

The moment you buy a pair of red soled Christian Louboutin shoes you are handed a note advising you to handle the red soles with care. They are incredibly delicate and when worn will immediately start to show wear and tear. Most people don’t realize this until the red sole starts to peel off. They then start to research how to keep the red soles red.

So what is the best way to repair your red soled shoes? There are many ways and at Save Your Sole we have created products for short term, long term and permanent red sole protection. 

Our new Shiny Soles in red are the best way to permanently protect your red sole. Let’s see how this works.


Step 1 : Prepare your shoe sole (remove any old rubber sole protectors or clean the sole with a damp cloth)

Step 2 : Clean the sole and make sure that the surface is ready for a new red sole

Step 3 : Apply glue to the soles and wait to dry. When the glue is sticky you are ready to apply your new Red Shiny Sole to the Christian Louboutin shoe


Step 4 : Apply the Red Shiny Sole into position for your shoe shape and sole. Press down to smooth out any air bubbles and ensure a perfect stick to the shoe.

Step 5 : Use scissors or a knife (please be careful!) to cut off the excess rubber material to make sure that the sole is fitted to the shape of your shoe.

Step 6 : Congratulations! You are ready to wear your red soled shoes and walk out the door.

The Shiny Sole is

  1. Ultra thin so won’t change the look of your shoe
  2. Inbuilt enhanced grip to make your shoes easier to walk in
  3. A perfect color match for the red of your shoe soles
  4. Will last for months or even years depending on how much you wear your shoes.

Buy your Red Shiny Sole today at Save Your Sole. We ship next day and worldwide to over 40 countries a month with offices in London & New York looking after our shoe lovers worldwide.

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The only way to protect your Christian Louboutin red soles. The new ‘Red Rubber Shiny Sole’ is here.


When these new Shiny Red Soles arrived in our office in New York we literally ran to our trusted shoe repairer and resoled all of our Louboutin shoes the same day. And no (we are not kidding) they are that good. It is the product we have been looking for since the day we started Save Your Sole.

So here it is – meet our new ‘Shiny Soles’

The soles are now on all of our Christian Louboutin red soled shoes and should be on yours too!

The soles are :-

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Ps. They are also available now in Cream & Black


Save Your Sole ships next day and worldwide to over 40 countries a month with offices in London & New York looking after our shoe lovers worldwide.

Shop now at www.saveyoursole.com